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Safe, Equitable Mobility: New SMART Traffic Solution for NCDOT, Courtesy of NTT DATA

By: Alex Passett    9/21/2023

NTT DATA officially partnered with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to implement the SMART Traffic Solution to mitigate wrong-w…

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Autonomous Robot Carriers (ARCs) at Peachtree Corners: Clevon Deploys its Smart ARCs with T-Mobile Connectivity

By: Alex Passett    8/30/2023

Clevon's autonomous robot carriers (ARCs), powered by reliable connectivity from T-Mobile, are coming to the smart city ecosystem of Peachtree Corners…

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Leading Smart City Peachtree Corners Selected by Audi for New Roadway Safety Developments

By: Alex Passett    8/24/2023

Audi is developing strategies pertaining to cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technologies and has selected the smart ecosystem within Peachtree …

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Edgecore Networks Introduces New Cutting-Edge Smart Switch Offerings

By: Alex Passett    8/21/2023

Edgecore Networks has debuted the latest additions to its enterprise smart switch solution lineup.

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Experts Discuss How LPWAN is Paving the Way for Smarter City Applications

By: Alex Passett    7/28/2023

This week, we had the pleasure of hosting a webinar session with key experts in the smart city space. They discussed LPWAN and, therein, energy effici…

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Private LTE and Grid Modernization: A Collaboration Between Nokia and Xcel Energy

By: Alex Passett    7/25/2023

Nokia announced that it will be working with Xcel Energy to help modernize grid operations via private LTE network technology.

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Sustainable Digitalization of Residential Buildings: A New MCCI Partnership with Nordic Propeye

By: Alex Passett    7/20/2023

MCCI and Nordic Propeye are proud to announce a new partnership so each may distribute sustainable IoT innovations to help build smarter communities.

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Smarter Wi-Fi Video Camera Designs, Courtesy of InnoPhase IoT

By: Alex Passett    7/3/2023

InnoPhase IoT's new video camera systems add AI, solar panel augmentation and dramatically faster time-to-market results.

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Supporting Reliable Infrastructure: Gridware's Successful Funding for Safer Smart Cities

By: Alex Passett    6/22/2023

Gridware announced that it raised $10.5 million in a seed funding extension round, allowing it to continue empowering utilities and rapidly improving …

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Harnessing the Power of IoT for a Smarter Denver

By: Erik Linask    6/12/2023

Denver is now leveraging Rubicon Technologies' smart city solution across its entire fleet of more than 150 solid waste and recycling vehicles.

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The Future of Buildings is Smart

By: Erik Linask    6/2/2023

IoT-based smart building tech is growing due to a range of benefits, from energy- and cost-efficiency to comfort, safety, and security improvements.

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Revolution at the Grid Edge: A Pioneering Approach to Energy Management

By: Erik Linask    5/26/2023

GridX and Sense announced a partnership that will translate smart meter data into meaningful benefits for customers and utility grid operators.

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IoT and Real Estate Footprints: How AVUITY's VuAI Sensors Help Maximize Investments

By: Alex Passett    4/28/2023

AVUITY, provider of workplace technology and space utilization solutions, announced the launch of its newest line of sensors: VuAI. These, per AVUITY,…

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Going the Extra (Smarter) Mile: Curiosity Lab to Collaborate with Smartmile

By: Alex Passett    4/12/2023

Smartmile, builder of smart parcel lockers and related software (in order to centralize last-mile deliveries and reduce carbon emissions) is collabora…

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Curiouser and Curiouser: Seoul Robotics Establishes its US Office in the Curiosity Lab of Peachtree Corners

By: Alex Passett    4/6/2023

The South Korean-based company Seoul Robotics established its U.S. office in the Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners, accelerating the smart city's pro…

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Avidbots' Neo Solution Recognized for Keeping Airports Clean

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    4/4/2023

Canadian robotics company Avidbots' autonomous floor scrubber, Neo, was a top winner at the 2023 World Airport Awards, sponsored by Skytrax.

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Working Smarter to Save More Lives: A Carbyne and Bosch Partnership

By: Alex Passett    3/29/2023

Carbyne and Bosch Service Solutions entered a strategic partnership in order to collaborate on smart emergency response and service technologies, star…

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Today's Technology Enablers: Exploring Semitech Semiconductor

By: Alex Passett    3/7/2023

Smart devices of today require constant, reliable, and cost-effective communication. Semitech enables this for a variety of systems environments.

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Coral Gable Brings Latest Tech to its Smart City Initiative

By: Bill Yates    3/2/2023

There's a smart city developing right under our noses in Coral Gables, FL. Home to the University of Miami, the city is leveraging the college's knowl…

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Safer, Cleaner and More Livable Cities Made Possible by the Combination of Veea and Ostendo Technologies

By: Reece Loftus    2/27/2023

Ostendo Technologies and Veea announced they would be combining Ostendo's foundational quantum technologies and wearable display assets with Veea's sm…

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