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Sequans' Monarch 2 Platform Selected by Next Meters for New North American Smart Metering Solutions

By: Alex Passett    2/27/2023

Sequans' Monarch 2 LTE-M/NB-IoT platform is selected by Next Meters for new smart utility metering systems in North America.

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Keeping the Trains Moving: ClearBlade Scores Contract to Deliver Grade Crossing and Asset Monitoring Across Chicagoland

By: Matthew Vulpis    2/23/2023

Chicago Metra announced it has awarded ClearBlade, an industry-leading IoT Platform and Edge AI company, a $3.9 Million, six-year contract.

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Rightly Prioritizing Smart City Applications in IoT

By: Alex Passett    2/16/2023

Smart city administrations, tourists, and citizens were the three main areas of focus during an IoT panel at this year's IoT Evolution Expo 2023, held…

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Semtech and Sindcon Avoid Unfair Billing with Optimized Smart Metering

By: Greg Tavarez    2/2/2023

Sindcon and IoT Kreasi Indonesia are leveraging Semtech's LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN standard for its battery-powered smart water and electricity me…

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The Future's Smarter Cities: A Look at the Industry's Projected Growth Opportunities

By: Alex Passett    1/17/2023

Market research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan published insights on the next big boom for smart cities.

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Badger Meter Acquires Syrinix To Enhance Smart Water Solutions

By: Alex Passett    1/10/2023

This past Thursday, Badger Meter, Inc. announced its acquisition of Syrinix, Ltd., a privately held provider of intelligent water monitoring solutions…

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Predicating Predictions: How BlueSignal Plans to Utilize AI to Overhaul Travel

By: Alex Passett    12/19/2022

With AI analyzing commute patterns for pedestrians, cars, buses and trains, that data could aid in decongesting high-traffic areas, rapidly flag road …

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Quantela Partners up with T-Mobile to Advance IoT

By: Stefania Viscusi    12/15/2022

Quantela has partnered with T-Mobile to bring together the mobile provider's IoT assets and cellular connectivity with Quantela's smart city solutions…

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Cocoflo Finds Virginia Home to Fuel Smart Tech Growth

By: Greg Tavarez    12/13/2022

Cocoflo is set to assist Virginia with smart tech in collaboration with the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corp. and the Stafford County Department o…

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Trilliant and Manx Utilities Begin Rolling Our Smart Electricity Meters Across the Isle of Man

By: Stefania Viscusi    12/12/2022

Trilliant has announced it partnered with Manx Utilities to roll-out smart electricity meters for customers on the island.

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ASUS IoT & Media Broadcast Partner for Smart City Solutions

By: Stefania Viscusi    12/6/2022

ASUS and Media Broadcast will implement five IoT smart city solutions to assist with parking, traffic management, security, waste management and stree…

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LoRa Alliance Certification Program Expands to SCHC End-Devices

By: Greg Tavarez    11/29/2022

The first applications to leverage SCHC for IPv6 over LoRaWAN are smart metering and IoT applications in the smart grid.

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Smart Poles Key to Smart City Infrastructure

By: Greg Tavarez    10/28/2022

The installed base of smart poles will exceed 10.8 million globally with system revenues amounting to $60 billion by 2030, according to ABI Research.

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Cradlepoint, Bosch, and T-Mobile Enhance Peachtree Corners Smart City Services

By: Stefania Viscusi    10/18/2022

Cradlepoint announced a collaboration with T-Mobile and the Curiosity Lab to provide 5G Wireless WAN technology at Peachtree Corners, Georgia, one of …

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Smart Water Metering Project Features Innovation and Collaboration Between SenRa and Cranberry Analytics

By: Juhi Fadia    10/17/2022

Cranberry Analytics and SenRa have partnered to deploy a LoRaWAN-based smart water metering solution in a growing region in India.

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Netmore Furthers LoRaWAN Position with Yorkshire Water IoT Contract

By: Greg Tavarez    10/10/2022

Yorkshire Water chose Netmore to deploy smart water meters and LoRaWAN connectivity to Yorkshire Water in the U.K. for new housing developments.

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Severn Trent Water Deploys Itron Solution to Create Smart Water Region

By: Greg Tavarez    10/7/2022

Severn Trent Water partnered with Itron to transform the Warwickshire region in England into a smart water region.

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AWS Recognizes Rubicon's Waste-Ending Smart City Solution

By: Greg Tavarez    10/3/2022

Amazon Web Services recognized Rubicon with the AWS Smart City Competency distinction.

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T-Mobile Driving Smart City and Factory Growth with New IoT Solutions

By: Stefania Viscusi    10/3/2022

T-Mobile has announced new Advanced Industry Solutions, a new suite of ready-to-deploy IoT solutions for smart cities and autonomous factories.

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NTT Pushes Las Vegas Toward Tech Hub Status with Large Private Network

By: Greg Tavarez    9/30/2022

NTT will deploy a private 5G network expansion for the city of Las Vegas as the city looks to become a technology hub.

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