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Transforming Historical Infrastructure: DZS and Andorix to Modernize Legacy Buildings with Smart Solutions

By Alex Passett

According to DZS President and CEO Charlie Vogt, “DZS enables the winners of our increasingly hyper-connected, hyper-broadband world.”

With more than 400 service providers that rely on its systems and platforms, DZS (DASAN Zhone Solutions, Inc.) is a provider of access networking infrastructure, service assurance and consumer experience software solutions. DZS is aware of how smart industries are evolving at wild speeds, placing a key decision in front of innovators:

Face new challenges as a united enterprise and thrive, or watch next-gen technologies pass by as golden opportunities are whisked away.

Spoiler alert: It’s no surprise that DZS embraces the former.

Connecting to more than 70 million homes and businesses in at least 70 countries, DZS serves 30 of the top 50 global telecom providers that depend on its fixed, mobile and converged broadband services. Future-proofing networks and arming its customers with the network resources and deployment freedom they need, DZS takes pride in offering reliable solutions across fiber, copper, Wi-Fi and mobile networks. The company also takes it steps further, recognizing how, quote, “emerging technology themes and trends, such as 5G, IoT, AI/ML, interactive gaming, OTT streaming, cloud virtualization, PON and SDN are becoming enablers for innovation and technology differentiation for DZS.”

Well, today marks a new leg of the DZS journey that involves its hyper-connected solutions for the smart buildings of tomorrow.

This morning, DZS and Andorix, a provider of digital infrastructure and smart building implementations, made an announcement:

With a long-time partnership to build off, the two have devised a plan to transform landmark locations into fiber-connected smart buildings designed to reimagine today’s digital workforce.

More details:

Having mentioned PON (Passive Optical Networks) infrastructure and SDN (Software-Defined Networking), DZS and Andorix will be complementing each other’s PON and SDN services, respectively, to revitalize the legacy, copper-based communications infrastructure of several historical buildings. With real, future-ready transformation as the target, these building upgrades will support, as today’s official announcement describes, “seamless integration and management of critical base-building services such as video surveillance, HVAC, access control, WiFi, IoT sensors and devices, and other smart building systems.” This will allow commercial property owners to transform economically and with smart-oriented technologies in mind.

Take for example, The Post in Vancouver, Canada (shown above). To reinvent The Post – a 1.1 million square-foot architectural landmark; it occupies an entire city block and once served as the main regional processing facility for Canada Post – DZS and Andorix are coming together to update it with “world-class fiber-optic infrastructure.”

In the future, DZS and Andorix plan to transform other high-profile landmark facilities, as well – 800 Fulton Market in Chicago (I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area, so that’s exciting), and the River South office building in Austin, Texas. (Greg Tavarez, an esteemed team member of mine, will be particularly interested in that in his home state of Texas, as well.)

“We are leveraging DZS FiberLAN solutions to deliver next-gen fiber-based services right up to the tenant and offering a unified, connected network via a fully managed smart building platform,” said Shaul Swartz, Andorix founder and COO. “The communications network is the backbone of any building – new or historical – and the Andorix team’s goal is to deliver our customers’ end-customers the ultimate communications experience. Our unified smart-building platform enables advanced facility-wide data collection from IoT and sensor devices that can optimize operations and yield immediate savings from both operational and ESG perspectives.“

“Historical landmarks are the architectural gems of North America’s big cities, but they often go underutilized by marquee clients due to their high cost of operation and legacy communications network infrastructure,” said Gunter Reiss, Chief Customer Officer of AEMEA for DZS. “Andorix’s managed PON platform, powered by our proven DZS FiberLAN solutions, transforms the communications networks of these buildings, delivering state-of-the-art hyper-connectivity, a dramatically improved user experience, and significant operational and capital cost savings for commercial property owners. We are proud of how our partnership with Andorix has been able to make these inner-city treasures appealing to new generations, and we continue to grow our strong relationship by modernizing outdated communications infrastructure in historic commercial facilities like The Post across North America.”

Smart innovation. Building economics. Sustainability. Those are the DZS + Andorix  takeaways here, and we’re excited to see what comes next.

Edited by Alex Passett
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