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Powerfleet's AI-Powered Pedestrian Proximity Detection System for Smarter Individual and MHE Safety Measures

By Alex Passett

“The safety of pedestrians, drivers, and equipment always remains our top priority, and Powerfleet is dedicated to providing mission-critical solutions that empower our customers to create safer workplaces throughout the world.”

That quote came from Steve Towe, CEO of Powerfleet. That’s because shortly before the turn of the new year, Powerfleet – a SaaS and data science solutions provider that optimizes the performance of IoT assets and resources to better businesses’ operations – debuted its next-gen Pedestrian Proximity Detection system.

Here’s the rundown:

The Pedestrian Proximity Detection system is an AI-powered safety solution designed to prevent costly workplace accidents while proactively assessing pedestrian safety and smartly mitigating undue damage to material handling equipment (MHE) within warehouse and manufacturing facility environments.

Using AI-led object detection (especially in environments where MHE and workers interact closely and often), the Pedestrian Proximity Detection system “offers a broad array of business-improvement capabilities designed to increase pedestrian and MHE safety” Towe added. This gives teams the opportunities to take critical actions, reduce liabilities, and protect what are truly their most valuable assets:

Their people, of course.

The Pedestrian Proximity Detection system includes up to three vehicle-powered cameras with embedded AI. (It also features both front and fear indicator lights that emit both visual and audio alerts to warn of potential hazards like objects breaching vehicles’ paths.) Increasing visibility in common blind spots while offering quantifiable analytics for best-practice improvements in these types of environments is hardly a benefit that businesses would want to pass up on.

What’s also notable about this technology? It represents steps that Powerfleet has taken to go beyond needs for special apparel or mandatory wearable tags, presenting well-designed protection measures that are more reliable and virtually universal. MHE safety and powered industrial vehicle (PIV) telematics represent a large area for growth when it comes access controls, high-risk area detection capabilities (i.e. for identifying near-miss events), and for smarter driver coaching, as well.

"It's imperative that businesses adapt and integrate new technologies to prevent irreparable damage to employees, valuable resources, and brand image," stated Jim Zeitunian, Chief Technology Officer at Powerfleet. "Powerfleet continues to expand our AI-led platform and advanced data capabilities to promote safer workplaces. Through the Pedestrian Proximity Detection system, we're able to provide unmatched visibility and crucial event analysis to enhance experiences for operators and pedestrians alike."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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