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Actility and Hiber Team Up on Remote IoT Connectivity

By: Ken Briodagh    9/12/2019

LoRaWAN company and nano-satellite powered network collaborate to open up remote & developing parts of the world for logistics, agriculture, oil & gas…

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Automated Home Gains in Tandem with Growing IoT, Says GlobalData Report

By: Ken Briodagh    9/11/2019

According to a recent report from research firm GlobalData, the automated Smart Home has been generating buzz in the technology arena in line with adv…

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Carnival Cruises Connects the Passenger Experience

By: Arti Loftus    9/10/2019

Earlier this month, Carnival Cruises took IoT experts for a ride demonstrating their Ocean Medallion service, enabled by a smart device which personal…

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Japanese Consumer IoT Under Attack by Hackers & Government

By: Special Guest    9/10/2019

Live in Japan? Your router is one of the most dangerous devices you own, and both hackers and the government are after you

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White Paper from WBA & NGMN Examines Intersection of Wi-Fi 6 & 5G

By: Ken Briodagh    9/9/2019

White Paper Assesses Current Implementations, Identifies Solutions to Address Gaps, Explores Validation for Use Cases

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Ayla Networks Partners with King I for Smart Thermostats

By: Chrissie Cluney    9/6/2019

Ayla Networks and King I Electronics have partnered together for the networks' smart thermostat family of products.

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A Visionary in Open Tech and Industry Standards, Dr. Richard Soley Continues To Contribute to Global Collaboration in the IoT and IIoT

By: Arti Loftus    9/6/2019

We caught up with Dr. Soley as part of our ongoing series of IoT Innovators to further understand what sparked his interest in the Internet of Things …

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IoT Time Podcast S.4 Ep.27 Ericsson

By: Ken Briodagh    9/6/2019

In this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Daniel Elizalde of Ericsson North America to talk about IoT pilots and why so many of…

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New Inseego 4G LTE USB Modem Now Approved for AT&T Services

By: Ken Briodagh    9/3/2019

Compact 4G LTE (Cat 18) USB800 USB modem delivers plug-and-play speed and simplicity to connect devices, also certified and approved for FirstNet plat…

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Bestmile Raises $16.5 Million to Grow Autonomous Fleet Orchestration Platform

By: Ken Briodagh    8/29/2019

Bestmile announced it has raised $16.5 million in a Series B round and has strengthened its leadership to accelerate its growth.

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From M2M to IoT, From Satellites to City Streets, Bob Mazer Blazes Digital Trails

By: Arti Loftus    8/29/2019

We caught up with Mazer as part of our ongoing series profiling IoT Innovators to understand what attracted him to the world of connected things in th…

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IoT Time Podcast S.4 Ep.26 Mojio

By: Ken Briodagh    8/28/2019

In this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Dr. Alan Messer, CTO, Mojio, to talk about Connected Transportation, Automated cars, …

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Smart Home Products by Tuya to Launch on Microsoft Azure Cloud

By: Ken Briodagh    8/27/2019

Tuya recently announced a new partnership with Microsoft that reportedly will deliver Tuya-powered smart home and office products on Microsoft's Azure…

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Decoding the IIoT Adoption Curve

By: Ken Briodagh    8/26/2019

In an upcoming webinar sponsored by Microland, attendees will learn how to drive that critical, and powerful IIoT adoption. Register now.

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5 Ways IoT is Helping Us Tackle Global Problems

By: Special Guest    8/26/2019

From bins and vacuum cleaners to agricultural watering systems and industrial scale tools, everyday items from across the world are being connected to…

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Smart Signal from Wins IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award

By: Ken Briodagh    8/23/2019

Smart Signal, the mobile app feature designed to help reduce false alarms and expedite emergency response, has been named a 2019 IoT Evoluti…

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IoT Time Podcast S.4 Ep.25 Netcracker

By: Ken Briodagh    8/22/2019

In this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Ed Finegold, Director, Content Strategy, Netcracker, to talk about Digital Transforma…

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Smart Cities Can Be Key to Better Quality of Life for All

By: Arti Loftus    8/22/2019

We caught up with Chris Medina as part of our ongoing series featuring IoT Innovators and he generously shared his vision for the future of Smart Citi…

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Honeywell Building Integration and Cyber Solutions Suite to Improve Efficiency, Data Analysis and Control

By: Ken Briodagh    8/22/2019

Customizable facility automation, surveillance and visualization technologies, including cybersecurity services, help optimize day-to-day building ope…

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Finding the Ideal Partnership between Human and Machine

By: Special Guest    8/22/2019

Instead of focusing on the negative effects that robots and automation will have, we should be thinking about how both businesses and societies can us…

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