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Dahua Technology's New Smart Security Devices with User-Friendly Features

By Alex Passett

For many folks, it’s tough to remember a time when wireless security cameras weren’t utterly ubiquitous. A study from 2020 detailed how cameras, on average, caught subjects 238 times every week. (That’s basically 34 times per day, and the numbers have only gone up since.) Additionally, UK-based retailer and manufacturer of security cameras and other smart home devices Time2 reported that around 67% of burglaries can be deterred simply by installing one. Tried-and-true security cameras reign as one of the top choices for safeguarding both personal property and business premises, and higher-quality offerings meet even more of the market’s rising smart-centric demands. (e.g. innate cloud connectivity, AI-powered features, etc.)

Enter Dahua Technology, a provider of innovative and reliable monitoring products and solutions. We’re approaching the end-of-year holiday season, and Dahua has officially launched new wireless security products, comprised of four monitoring series: Hero, Turret, Picco and Bullet. This video-centric lineup offers efficiency and peace of mind, particularly for small commercial establishments.

Across these series, “plug-and-play” is a  huge common denominator, as their quick and user-friendly configurations address common monitoring challenges like complicated wiring, overly complex setup instructions, difficult debugging and more. Installation mainly boils down to unpackaging, placing in a desired location for surveillance, scanning the device’s QR code and connecting it to the Dahua Mobile Security Surveillance (DMSS) app, and the Dahua Security System (DSS) software works its magic.

Take the Hero series, for example – it’s an acronym “House & Enterprise Remote Observer” and it features full 360-degree monitoring without blind spots, continuous auto-tracking with a generous field-of-view and meticulous pathing and tracking of human targets, instant privacy mode and two-way communication through the DMSS app.

The Turret, Picco and Bullet series showcase a variety of other features; traceable audio details, night vision mode, customizable alarms, weather-proofed designs, and smart togglable dual lights.

Learn more here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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