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Safe, Equitable Mobility: New SMART Traffic Solution for NCDOT, Courtesy of NTT DATA

By Alex Passett

As a premier digital consulting company, NTT DATA – the IT services arm of NTT – leans into the dynamic shifts that occur across technological landscapes (i.e. especially in this day and age) with a transformative, digital-first portfolio that is backed by $3.6 billion in R&D investments, strategic partnerships and acquisitions, and more. We have seen the NTT name pop up in several headlines recently; one, specifically, involved the extension of NTT’s Green & Food Works and how it’s working to power sustainable food security in IoT. Overall, since its founding in 1967, NTT DATA has served thousands of unique clients around the world with high-value business solutions.

Today’s NTT-related news is no exception (in terms of a high-value solution), although it is less about traditional IT and more about NTT DATA’s SMART Traffic Solution.

After partnering with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), NTT DATA announced that it will implement its SMART Traffic Solution to mitigate wrong-way driving incidents in smart-enabled environments.

Some details:

NTT DATA designed the SMART Traffic Solution to provide precise monitoring that will enhance transportation planners’ levels of efficacy and foresight concerning instances of wrong-way driving on select roadways. With advance analytics, NTT DATA’s platform supports NCDOT’s Vision Zero initiative, a traffic safety approach focused on thoroughly eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries, while simultaneously improving access to safe, sustainable, and equitable mobility for everyone.

"Safety is a foremost concern on our nation's highways. NCDOT is leading the way with their Vision Zero mission, and we are honored to serve as its technology partner,” said Dave Turner, Division President, State & Local Government and Education at NTT DATA Services.

And per Brian Mayhew, State Traffic Engineer, NCDOT:

“Wrong-way driving is a concerning challenge despite huge advances in transportation infrastructure, design, and technology. The data and insights gained from this project will be used to develop data-driven strategies that will be used to continue NCDOT’s dedication to providing a safe, reliable, and efficient transportation network.”

Read here to learn more about NTT DATA’s Smart Solutions.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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