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Autonomous Robot Carriers (ARCs) at Peachtree Corners: Clevon Deploys its Smart ARCs with T-Mobile Connectivity

By Alex Passett

I’ve covered developments involving the smart city of Peachtree Corners several times, in recent months – how the Gwinnett County, Georgia smart-everything city had been chosen by Seoul Robotics for its U.S. office, plus how it was selected by both Audi and Siemens for smart ecosystem advancements in terms of C-V2X for its roadways, as well as its 5G infrastructure projects – but more Peachtree Corners news keeps coming.

So, I’ll keep covering it.

The Atlanta metropolitan area’s Peachtree Corners is known for its mix of restaurants, high-end retail, and its inclusive and fun community events, but it’s obviously also well-known for being a planned community for smart technology integrations. That stems from its Curiosity Lab, i.e. a 5G-enabled “living laboratory” that helps turn the city into a safe, real-world testing environment for enterprises developing, testing, and deploying new devices and services.

So, unsurprisingly, big names in tech will continue investing in (and joining the action at) Peachtree Corners.

Namely, in terms of this particular update, Clevon – a developer and manufacturer of autonomous robot carriers (ARCs) that deliver goods on public roads – is now officially joining the city’s Curiosity Lab ecosystem.

A little backstory, first:

Clevon’s ARCs are designed to deliver multiple shipments during a single trip; an ARC can operate in virtually all weather conditions, and the delivery solution has proven to be successful on multiple continents, at the time of this article’s publication. (I mean, who knows where autonomous robotics will be if this is read in one year? Five years? Ten, even?)

In terms of an on-demand autonomous to-your-door solution, Clevon’s makes robots affordable, sustainable, and safe. So, now with T-Mobile connectivity, the ARCs will be operating in Peachtree Corners. (Especially after having been tested to collect orders for warehouses, retail stores, and even micro-fulfillment centers, or MFCs, before then heading to folks homes and businesses around the city.)

Per Clevon CEO Sander Sebastian Agur:

“It was only fitting to bring our second major operation here in the United States to one of the most advanced smart city environments in the world at Peachtree Corners. In a future-forward environment like this – complete with city-owned smart infrastructure, T-Mobile's best-in-class network and opportunities to interact with connected vehicles and people and businesses – it becomes invaluable to our continued efforts to optimize autonomous robot carrier operation, including how they’ll navigate through real-world situations.”

With customizable configurations, Clevon’s ARCs are expected to fulfill a multitude of businesses’ needs (in addition to reducing failed deliveries and carbon emissions alike, in terms of operational efficiency and energy efficiency in tandem).

Following up on that, Brandon Branham, Curiosity Lab Executive Director at Peachtree Corners, said this:

"We're very proud to have adopted some of the world's most advanced and emerging technologies here in Peachtree Corners, and we're delighted to continue that tradition by welcoming Clevon and their autonomous robot carriers to our community. From a city perspective, we are always looking to improve our residents' everyday lives with exciting new technologies. So, showcasing how robotic solutions are able to enhance package delivery operations while reducing congestion and emissions gives us a further peek into a brighter future."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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