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Working Smarter to Save More Lives: A Carbyne and Bosch Partnership

By Alex Passett

When a vehicle is involved in an accident (especially a severe emergency), relying on quick communication with emergency services makes all the difference in the assessment and action phases of treatment and rescue.

It can legitimately save lives.

Moreover, if data is bridged from the vehicle(s) in question to emergency responders, it allows for real-time communication that can provide precise GPS location (especially in remote or less-accessible areas), as well as medical information about any passenger(s) involved (e.g. allergies, medical history and current medications). So if a vehicle finds itself ensnared in a wreck and any (or hopefully all) of these boxes are checked off, then the window for response time is widened and the informed responders can be more effective.

That brings us to the news; specifically, a new strategic partnership between cloud-native emergency communication response platform Carbyne (provider of mission-critical contact center solutions) and customer service company Bosch Service Solutions (a support provider via customer experiences and insights, mobility and monitoring services, and other solutions).

By partnering, Carbyne and Bosch will be able to provide enhanced eCall capabilities to Bosch clients in Latin America.

Here’s how it’ll work: Carbyne will integrate its advanced emergency response platform with Bosch’s telematics system to provide seamless eCall response experiences. This will enable Bosch customers’ vehicles (in covered areas) to automatically send out critical info (e.g. location, vehicle model and number, and direction of travel).

Not to mention, unfortunately, that the shorter the response timeframe, the higher the likelihood of advanced injuries or even a second (or third) related incident.

Thankfully, Carbyne has reduced emergency processing times by approximately 50% (plus operational costs by 20%). The latter is great for long-term economic viability reasons, but the former is even more time-sensitive in terms of responding to (and even preventing, in some cases) tragedies.

"We are excited to partner with Bosch Service Solutions to bring advanced emergency response capabilities to their customers in Latin America," said Amir Elichai, CEO of Carbyne. "Our technology will help Bosch customers in the region to receive faster and more accurate emergency response services, saving lives and reducing the potentially tragic impact of accidents."

"Bosch Service Solutions is committed to providing digitalized mobility services that enhance safety, security and convenience in and outside of vehicles," said Stefan Gross, Head of Mobility Services at Bosch. "This partnership with Carbyne will allow us to offer an integrated eCall solution that ensures our customers receive the best-possible emergency response experience."

Carbyne will offer this service starting at no additional cost for any government agency in specific Latin American countries (beginning with Mexico). Thereafter, Carbyne and Bosch will likely expand to other regions.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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