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Badger Meter Acquires Syrinix To Enhance Smart Water Solutions

By Alex Passett

Recently, I penned an article about smart metering projections for the next several years. For smart city developments, hyper-intelligent grids driven by smart meter functionalities and smarter energy are, and will continue to be, pivotal.

In this vein, we find Badger Meter, Inc.

Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin more than an entire century ago (specifically in 1905), Badger Meter has offered end-to-end solutions for water flow measurement, water quality monitoring, and smart water solutions. Regarding the latter, Badger Meter’s smart water technologies include a wide product selection for metering, with their core focuses on increasing meter reading efficiency, assuring long-term meter accuracy, and decreasing non-revenue water.

To enhance their smart capabilities even further, Badger Meter announced late last week that they acquired UK-based company Syrinix, a provider of intelligent solutions for water monitoring.

This acquisition certainly goes with the flow (pun intended) of Badger Meter’s mission. As Syrinix specializes in high-frequency pressure monitoring and leak detection within water distribution and collection networks, Badger Meter can utilize these to begin the operationalization of real-time data and actionable insights that improve technology efficiencies and sustainability.

With Syrinix’s remote network monitoring equipment and cloud-based software for delivering data and customized alerts to help customers reduce water loss and improve asset life, Badger Meter can continue leveraging their broad and technology-rich portfolio to serve water utilities, municipalities, and commercial and industrial clients even more.

“We are very pleased to add the hardware-enabled software capabilities of Syrinix,” said Kenneth C. Bockhorst, Badger Meter’s Chairman, President and CEO. “With our BEACON SaaS solution that utilizes our powerful ORION Cellular endpoints, we can continue to expand our comprehensive digital solutions by working alongside the talented Syrinix team to preserve the world’s most precious resource.

Edited by Alex Passett
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