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ASUS IoT & Media Broadcast Partner for Smart City Solutions

By Stefania Viscusi

ASUS IoT has announced a partnership with Media Broadcast, Germany's largest full-service provider in the broadcasting and media industry and provider of 5G campus networks. The partnership represents a commitment to data-driven innovation and will result in smart city solutions across Germany.

In total, the companies will implement five IoT smart city solutions to assist with parking, traffic management, security, waste management and street lighting.

"We look forward to collaborating on more projects with ASUS IoT to provide innovation in versatile smart city solutions," said Norbert Krüger, Senior Solution and Bid Manager at Media Broadcast GmbH. "We share a vision of advancing AIoT technology to solve future challenges.”

ASUS has a team of 5,000 in-house R&D experts, and is continuously reimagining today's technologies for tomorrow. Its goal is to provide intuitive devices, components and solutions to enhance the lives of people everywhere. With those resources, ASUS and Media Broadcast will look to accelerate development of smart city solutions and drive truly modern cities.

The first project in this partnership will happen at Technology and Innovation Park Nordheide, a 61-acre business area located near Hamburg, Germany. It will act as a sandbox for 5G and IoT technologies. It includes a state-of-the art 5G campus network from Media Broadcast. The hope is to attract companies to the area looking for cutting-edge technologies.

As for the overarching objectives, "The core concepts focus on how to make cities more resilient, sustainable and future-proof,” said ASUS IoT Regional Sales Director Casper Lee. “The main goal is to enable data-driven decisions."

Edited by Erik Linask
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