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AWS Recognizes Rubicon's Waste-Ending Smart City Solution

By Greg Tavarez

Amazon Web Services enables scalable flexible and cost-effective cloud solutions to help startups, enterprises and government agencies lower costs and speed up innovation. Spanning 87 availability zones within 27 geographic regions worldwide, AWS also helps its users identify technology vendors through its AWS Partner Network. Taking it a step further, it established the AWS Competency Program to recognize partners with demonstrable AWS technical experience and customer successes. Achieving AWS Competency helps partners market to AWS customers.

AWS recognized Rubicon with the AWS Smart City Competency distinction for demonstrating technical proficiency and proven success supporting city governments and city developers witnessing a high rate of urban growth. Rubicon is also part of the AWS Smart Cities Pilot Program

As cities grow, they require technology solutions that improve solid waste management, urban spatial planning, infrastructure and city governance. Rubicon, through its RUBICONSmartCity cloud-based technology suite, helps municipal governments run more effective waste, recycling and heavy-duty municipal fleet operations. It runs on AWS, specifically Amazon Relational Database Service and Amazon Simple Storage Service.

“Rubicon is extremely proud of our long-standing relationship with AWS, and we are thrilled to achieve the AWS Smart City Competency,” said Conor Riffle, senior vice president of smart cities at Rubicon. “Rubicon’s mission is to end waste, which refers to waste in the physical sense, as well as wasted time and, in the case of Rubicon’s smart city technology products, wasted government resources.

The city of Harrisonburg, Virginia, before partnering with Rubicon, did not have any established solid waste or recycling routes. Rubicon’s team digitized and optimized city routes by giving each driver a smartphone preloaded with an in-cab interface (ICI) that monitors vehicle location, route completion, and service verifications in real time. As a result, route duration is now on average one hour shorter in residential operations, from an average of 351 minutes per route, down to 290 minutes. These reduced route durations translate to more than $100,000 in annual savings.

Rubicon also helped Harrisonburg cut the length of routes almost in half, from an average of 63 miles per route down to 33 miles. This reduced mileage accounts for more than $90,000 in annual savings, and a reduction of approximately 230,000 pounds of CO2 emissions.

“Speaking on behalf of historic Harrisonburg, Virginia, I am thrilled by the partnership between Rubicon and our great city,” said Harsit Patel, support services manager for the city of Harrisonburg. “The annual taxpayer savings generated from utilizing Rubicon’s products allows us to put these dollars to work in other areas of the city and provide more efficient and effective government for all.”

Rubicon’s solution is utilized in more than 80 cities across the U.S., even in bigger cities such as Baltimore, Kansas City, Houston and San Antonio. With Rubicon, they are enabled to deliver more efficient public services while saving taxpayer dollars each year – and help with climate change initiatives in the process.


Edited by Erik Linask
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