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TD SYNNEX Launches IAconnects MobiusFlow Click-to-Run on Azure

By Stefania Viscusi

Managing smart buildings can be a complicated task. It requires reliability and real-time adaptation to environmental conditions. When it comes to connecting IoT devices within the infrastructure, there are also challenges unique to each building.

To create an easier, more seamless process, TD SYNNEX has launched IAconnects MobiusFlow Click-to-Run on Azure. While the solution name looks complicated, the click-to-run component says it all. it’s designed to simplify the complex process that’s involved in configuring a solution to work in smart buildings. This includes the hardware, software, and infrastructure needed to properly manage it.

With the solution, users can see a decrease in commissioning costs while deploying at scale more efficiently, among a host of other benefits.

“The global smart building market is on the rise and many organizations are looking at innovative ways to capitalize on this opportunity,” said Chris Moorhouse, CTO, IAconnects. “Our collaborative efforts between TD SYNNEX and IAconnects led us to develop the IAconnects MobiusFlow Click-to-Run offering, which enables partners to access advanced building control systems, accelerate speed to market, and enhance their Data and IoT portfolio of offerings to meet customer demands.”

Using advanced commissioning, Internet of Things (IoT) partners can successfully overcome implementation and management issues. The cloud-based solution also allows users to visualize data and create customized dashboards on loT Central, Microsoft’s IoT Platform.

With the offering, it’s possible to easily enable air quality monitoring, preventive IT maintenance, occupancy control, energy efficiency, and more – all while collecting secure data from sensors and intelligent controllers.

“Connecting IoT devices within current infrastructure can be time-consuming and costly for organizations, and an advanced control and analysis solution for IoT enables businesses to deliver data-driven outcomes and elevated operational efficiency,” said Clay Davis, Vice President, Global Analytics and IoT, TD SYNNEX.

Edited by Erik Linask
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