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New Inseego 4G LTE USB Modem Now Approved for AT&T Services

By Ken Briodagh

In a recent announcement, Inseego, a mobile and intelligent IoT device-to-cloud solutions provider, released its new USB800 modem for small business, enterprise, government and public safety customers on the AT&T network, and for public safety subscribers on the FirstNet communications platform, delivering 4G LTE (Cat 18) speed, security and convenience to users on the go.

“We’re thrilled to work with AT&T to provide our new 4G LTE USB modem to their enterprise customers as well as FirstNet subscribers,” said Dan Mondor, Chairman and CEO, Inseego. “Our renewed relationship with AT&T enables us to offer Inseego products to their subscriber base for the first time in many years. We also applaud our partners at Quality One for helping us bring this much-needed product to market.”

The USB800 is designed to provide remote connectivity for a broad range of uses. It reportedly enables mobile professionals and first responders to connect laptops and other devices to high-speed 4G LTE. The company also says it can provide both primary and failover communications for point-of-sale systems, vending machines and other IoT devices.

The modem uses 4G LTE (Cat 18) technology to provide peak download speeds of up to 480 Mbps, and supports many LTE frequency bands including the FirstNet Band 14 spectrum, HSPA+ and UMTS.

With no software or device drivers to install, this modem provides instant, plug-and-play connectivity for many devices and a durable swivel hinge adjusts to any USB port orientation. It was designed with Inseego’s MiFiiQ technology, and provides onboard VPN and other enterprise-grade security features.

The USB800 supports the FirstNet Band 14 spectrum and gives public safety subscribers access to the dedicated, physically separate, FirstNet network core.

“FirstNet devices and modules go through extensive review, so first responders can be confident that Inseego’s USB800 modem meets our highest standards for reliability, security and performance,” said Bob Sloan, COO, FirstNet Program, AT&T. “The more tools public safety has access to on their network, the more we can help them achieve their mission.”

“We’re proud to earn the FirstNet Ready designation,” said Mondor. “Inseego has a long history of supporting first responders with both our mobile MiFi devices and Skyus IoT devices, and this certification enables us to provide a new, highly secure mobile solution to FirstNet public safety users.” 

Ken Briodagh is a storyteller, writer and editor with about two decades of experience under his belt. He is in love with technology and if he had his druthers would beta test everything from shoe phones to flying cars.

Edited by Ken Briodagh

Editorial Director

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